About us

An Italian story of style and innovation

The ten-year experience of Giacomini Investments, a company in the field of architecture, technology and real estate as a historical base for the development of a “creative lab” as the Gi-Design, giving certainty to the ideas that need to be made.

The stimuli, the creativity, the comparison meet and evolve with the goal of creating innovative projects and high-profile products, technologies and design, the work of many aimed at a unique and exclusive project.
Gi-Design staff is at the heart of designing process, because people, their experience, the craft and knowledge are the primary source of wealth and dowry, so an endless
source of inspiration and creativity as well as exclusive and high-end quality sponsors.

The breath is however international, the joy of sharing is something that anyone who creates cannot neglect and Gi-Design is certain to create projects and products related to a lofty goal, the beauty. And for Gi-Design beauty is not merely a concept delegated for aesthetics, but rather something that makes it enjoyable, for compatibility, empathy, joy, satisfaction and pleasure, whether product or project, make our lives better and truly exclusive.


the thrill of creating beauty to be surrounded by comfort.

Gi-Design: a visionary brand, with solid roots. Its offices are in a city in Piedmont where historically artisan traditions tend to go corporate. Gi-Design introduces the professionalism of international training and avant-garde technology to reach the most ambitious of objectives. Inspiration and research pursued with method and efficiency to make beauty available and simple; to make excitement and experiences accessible.

Gi-Design is passionate about studying the aesthetic and meticulously making each item, aiming to improve the life of those who choose it.


luxury and innovation in
ever new forms

Gi-Design pursues a vision of innovation and research that elevates and enhances the traditional artisan approach.

A team of creative individuals thinks up and revamps the environments telling an old story that has roots in the Roman salus per aquam – and that today has made a comeback with bathrooms as private temples of well-being and relax.