Architect, Interior & Light Designer

Attracted to painting the dark, so intriguing and evocative, the emotion of searching for form… but then LIGHT

From urban design to interior design and luxury naval fittings, Massimo Marzorati has developed a vision that integrates the various fields in which he works, making each project an exclusive realization thanks to his creativity, precision, professionalism and attention to detail. Careful observation of reality has led Massimo Marzorati to theorize a philosophy of on-off architecture, where light is a tool to modify perception of the architectural elements: a true vision that turns every project into a uniquely thrilling experience.

An extrovert, eclectic personality, Marzorati successfully investigates the creative process in major industrial complexes, in his role as lighting designer at “Disano Illuminazione”, as well as top quality product design, through his presence at “Giugiaro”. He illuminates Gi-Design production, not just because he enjoys playing with light, but even more because every design element he develops is a gift and a challenge to convention.

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