Domus Office

Designing a creative space between nature and men

This exceptional creation between nature and men in which water, life bringer, is the thread bringing together different spaces design to be fully functional.


Surrounding a glass there will always be a shared moment.

“Moi&Toi” is something more. Moi&Toi is a two people glass, and it wants to create a more intimate sharing experience. A precious item for a special occasion.

Black Mamba

Concept tender. A visionary design bringing together hi-tech materials and structural power

Elegance, speed and aggressive lines. Black Mamba is a tender that enchants, express power and tech reserach thank to its innovative materials and prophetic design

Modular Kitchen

Thinking kitchen in an innovative modular way

Designin a kitchen with people at its core. Thanks to hi-tech materials and modularity this kitchen express an unprecedented functionality

Think Thank

An intimate space for a natural solitude

A comfort and serene area that has an armonic balance with the surrounding nature thanks to glass and wood. Completely modular it can adapt to every taste or necessity